Finding – without looking

Do you want to find your ideal conference hotel or the perfect events venue

We find it for you – worldwide and free of charge.

Save yourself time-consuming research and comparisons of various hotels – we will find the perfect venue for you. Just let us know when and where you want to run your conference and we recommend quick and free of charge the ideal hotel.

We are looking forward to receive your request

Is it complicated? No, Is it expensive? Not at all – it won’t cost you a thing as we get a commission from the hotel!

Is there a limited selection? Not at all; as an independent agency, we are not bound to contractual obligations. For this reason, we will always look for the perfect hotel for you – irrespective of whether an international hotel chain or a private hotel are particularly suited to your needs.


Professional, worldwide and free of charge

We find suitable hotels for your conferences and events of all kinds – independently and worldwide. Our approach is to collect your needs – number of overnight stays, catering, conference room facilities, etc. – in a proposal and send it to suitable hotels. We evaluate the responses we receive and provide you with a schedule and comparison of hotel offers.